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If you are serious about publishing a magazine, you will need to interface with printers specializing in magazine printing. If you anticipate having a print run anywhere between 5,000 to 700,000 copies per issue, you will need to utilize the services of an offset lithography press. The most common offset presses are sheet fed (utilizing sheets of paper) and web (rolls of paper) for magazine printing. At least 30% of your overall operational budget will be allocated for printing. As a result, you will undoubtedly have to build a good working relationship with an offset press customer service representative (CSR) who will oversee the production of your magazine from the time you drop off your files until it is delivered to you. The Magazine Offset Press Directory contains the most comprehensive listing of offset presses in Arizona and Northern, Central and Southern California with emphasis on San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego. It contains a listing of more than 225 offset and digital printing presses that print magazines, brochures, newsletters and catalogs. The Magazine Offset Press Directory will be an indispensable reference tool that will help you find the right printer to suit all your publishing needs.

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