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A media kit is simply an information packet that details specific information about your magazine and demographic that helps an advertiser determine a correlation between your core readership and the advertiser’s consumer base. You can think of a media kit sort of like a resume for your magazine that contains pertinent information on your readership, important metrics, data, articles, etc., designed to address questions from advertisers, investors, the media and others.


Media kits aren’t just for large, high-profile magazines. Whatever your size or overall circulation, whether you are in the planning phase, a recent start-up or have already launched your magazine, you will certainly need a media kit that is optimized for achieving your advertising goals.

Creating a good media kit is a little like preparing a good meal. The foundation of any great meal is invariably based upon its core ingredients as well as the culinary capabilities of the person preparing it. However, regardless of your level of culinary prowess, having the key ingredients is paramount and inextricably connected to the success of the final product. The Magazine Media Kit Manual is designed to provide you with the key constituent elements that comprise an excellent media kit in order to facilitate advertisement procurement and provide your publication with the ad revenue that it needs to stay solvent.   

The Magazine Media Kit Manual contains numerous diagrams that explain the contents and organization of an effective media kit. In addition, free demographic and statistical resources are provided so that you can obtain the necessary data on your target readership. Simply put, The Magazine Media Kit Manual is the most comprehensive resource currently available. There is no book in print, Ebook or other resource that provides a complete overview on creating an optimized media kit for advertisement procurement!

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