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New Edition for 2021
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GOT ADVERTISING? Well, if the answer is no, not enough or need a lot more, chances are you need The Magazine Advertising Directory. Most magazine publishers, after launching their premiere issue, are confronted with the arduous task of trying to find advertisers willing to take out ads in their publication. These publishers are under the impression that cold calling and pounding the pavement are the best ways to get the advertising revenue they need. However, there's another alternative. Did you know that there is a way to make potential advertisers come to you? Yes, that's right. All you need to do is have your magazine listed in the top magazine advertising directories. It gets even better because, as a magazine publisher, it's absolutely free for you to list your magazine in any of these directories!

Advertising directories are publications that advertising agencies, PR companies, non profit organizations, etc. consult to find magazines that are suitable for media buys (place ads) and PR campaigns. These directories list pertinent information on thousands of magazines and are the primary way that ad agencies locate new startup publications as well as established ones. Essentially, these directories are like the Yellow Pages for magazines. The problem is that most startup publications  haven't heard of them and, as a consequence, are never listed! Not being listed in these directories means that magazine publishers are missing out on a lot of advertising revenue!

The Magazine Advertising Directory provides a comprehensive listing of all the magazine directories that advertisers frequently consult for ad placements. As a magazine publisher, you can't afford not to be listed. Unquestionably, The Magazine Advertising Directory will be one of the best investments that any magazine publisher can make to ensure the long term success of their magazine.  

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