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What does "in this issue" mean on the cover of a magazine?

This is a pretty straight forward question and so is the answer. Magazines have different frequencies. The frequency of a magazine tells its readers, and especially its advertisers, how often the magazine is printed on an annual basis. The most common frequencies are weekly (once a week), biweekly (twice a month), monthly (once a month), bimonthly (once every two months), quarterly (one every three months), semi annually ( twice a year) and annually (once a year). If a magazine is a monthly, for instance, it means that there will be 12 issues of the magazine printed and circulated every 12 months. Thus, in this instance, the magazine’s issue is indicative of a particular month in which the magazine is printed and made available to its readers. Hence, “in this issue” is simply a way to inform the magazine’s readers of what they can expect to read in any given copy of the magazine.

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