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Michelle Obama guest edits More magazine


Michelle Obama is the guest editor for the next edition of More magazine, the publication announced on Thursday. Obama directed every aspect of the upcoming issue and will appear on its cover, her third one with the magazine. “Everything is linked to Mrs. Obama,” More editor-in-chief Lesley Jane Seymour told the New York Times. “Every column was done from her point of view.” The issue focuses on subjects close to the first lady, encouraging children to lead healthier lives, supporting military families, encouraging higher education past high school, promoting education for women and girls around the word, as well as columns about women who inspire her like her long serving chief-of-staff Tina Tchen.

"What I want readers to understand is that impact comes in all forms, shapes and sizes. And hopefully through this issue, what people will see is that you can have impact as a military mom changing careers, or you can be a young person starting a business or you can be the first lady and start a whole initiative," Obama said in a statement, according to the AP

The first lady's issue is perhaps one of the biggest moments in ongoing trend for women's focused magazines to shift toward politics. In the last year or so, several magazines including Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire and Glamour have hired Washington insiders for new roles as politics or Washington editors. Some of them, like Cosmopolitan, even began endorsing candidates. Earlier this year, former NBC "Meet the Press" executive producer Betsy Fischer Martin joined More as contributing editor for Washington. 

“The First Lady is the ultimate More woman,” Seymour said in a statement. “She is the perfect combination of passion, intelligence, beauty and glamour, and her gift for moving people to action is the reason I invited her to be our first-ever guest editor. After reading the issue, I hope our readers will be moved to make a difference of their own.”

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