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How much does it cost to advertise in newspapers and magazines?

The simple answer to your questions is; it varies from newspaper to newspaper and from magazine to magazine. If you want to know the cost of placing an ad in a newspaper or a magazine, the first thing you need to do is get a copy of the publication’s media kit. If the newspaper/magazine in question has a website, usually the media kit is made available as a download in PDF. If a media kit is not readily available on the publication’s website, you will need to request one. After getting access to the media kit, you need only look in the “Ad Rates” section and you should see a listing of all the ad rates based upon the specific issue, ad dimensions, frequency, and placement. In regard to the latter, placement refers to where the ad will actually appear in the newspaper/magazine. For example, in the case of a newspaper, it could be next to the editorial, sports section, classifieds, etc. In the case of a magazine, it could mean being placed next to the table of contents, a feature and/or lead article or the inside front cover for maximum exposure. The best part of all, media kits for newspapers and magazines are 100% free!

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