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How do I get advertisers for our independent digital fashion magazine?

It should be stated at the onset that there are many factors that come into play, which can either assist or hamper your efforts, when procuring advertisement for a digital or print magazine.

First, it is imperative that your digital magazine has a well-defined demographic. You need to have good demographics on the primary readership of your magazine. Some metrics that you should already have are: race/ethnicity, age, gender, educational attainment, individual income, household income, consumer habits, etc. The more specific and comprehensive your metrics, the easier it will be to target advertisers who would be interested in placing ads with your magazine.

The second factor, which actually goes hand in hand with the first, is that your magazine should be targeting a lucrative demographic. Essentially, your magazine’s primary readership needs to be a demographic that advertisers are trying to reach. If the latter is not the case, you will have a very difficult time trying to attract advertisers. The latter point leads us to the key constituent element that the other commentators have failed to mention. I am referring, of course, to your magazine’s media kit.

Whether you publish a digital magazine and/or print version, in either case you need to have a well-constructed media kit. The media kit is the main tool that one needs to make prospective advertisers jump on board your magazine. In essence, the media kit spells out everything that a would be advertiser needs to know about your magazine and reader demographic as it will contain all of the aforementioned metrics and additional information about your magazine’s “reach” (how effective it is at penetrating your primary demographic) and the consumer habits of your readership. What the media kit allows any advertiser to do is to make an informed decision as to whether to place an ad in your magazine based upon whether or not your magazine’s primary reader demographic coincides with the consumer base of the advertiser. This, in essence, is the name of the game. To the degree that there is a strong intersection between your primary reader demographic and the advertiser’s consumer base, the more likely the advertiser will be to conduct a media buy in your publication. Of course, the converse is also true.

In my experience, most magazine publishers are so enamored with their magazine that they focus very little attention on their magazine’s media kit. Worse still, many magazine publishers, be they digital or print publications, fail to even create a media kit and then wonder why they are having such a difficult time getting advertisers to take out ads in their magazine!

At my website, I go into specifics about creating a magazine media kit that is optimized for advertising procurement as well as discussing in depth about magazine sales reps who can help print magazines achieve their advertising objectives. You can download an absolutely FREE (no strings attached) excerpt by clicking on the link below.

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