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3 Reasons Why Print Magazines Remain Relevant!

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

From the 1960s onward, cheaper production and relatively cheaper costs of maintenance has caused an upsurge in printing technologies that deliver faster and more optimized designs and reproductions. This has caused a surge in magazine printing, giving rise to a lot of household names in this particular print media.

However, in the internet age, where every facet of human life has gone online, it has increasingly become rare for people to go for print media, especially with the Internet’s accessibility, ubiquity, and a wide variety of offerings. Still, even though these online digital platforms offer a variety of forms and methods from which to deliver the same work, these cannot totally replace that unique experience that print media can bring about to its users. Yes, print is not dead; it has only taken on a different niche, although not exactly a different genre. Below are three reasons why magazines have retained their social and cultural value and will continue to do so in many years to come.

Goes Beyond Sight

Due to the proliferation of digital media and the slow decline in print, people are beginning to realize that print has more to offer than just visual. With magazines, you touch the pages’ tips and feel its weight and texture, the smoothness of the glossy paper, and appreciate the distinctive aura of matte. You hear the distinct rustle whenever you turn a page or, if need be, tear it off. And since print media uses paper, you can’t waste a page on merely bad writing; doing so would be an affront to nature.

Established Over Time

Think about the names of famous magazines. Way before a thousand blogs, both reputable and otherwise, emerged in the internet, these popular publications have not only been in the print media industry for many years, but have also become an important part of popular culture. And thanks to their great time in the limelight, their brand names are already associated with quality content.

With the saturation of countless popups and ad banners over the web, print media provides a sense of distinction, as it does not have the overwhelming amount of clutter on that you usually find on websites. Also, the identity and status that magazines have created over time will always be associated with reliability.

A Part of Readers’ Lives

As it were, the aesthetics of digital media and its subsequent communication transpires in real-time. While that may seem like a great advantage over print media, it is still undeniable that magazines still get a lot of reader response. The value that loyal readers give their favorite magazine proves that print media’s appeal with its audience is greater than popular blog sites that can be found in local media news feeds.

The internet may be a new place where we read pop culture articles and find ads, but magazines still remain as a reliable source of information, entertainment, and will definitely remain as that for many years to come. And who knows? Maybe it will become so much more in the future.

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