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What is the difference between advertising in the magazines and in the newspapers?

Well, for starters, I took the meaning of this question as follows: What is the difference in the kind of advertising that appears in a magazine vs that which appears in a newspaper? First, it’s worth stating that newspapers, in general, tend to have a much broader readership (and diverse demographic) than most consumer magazines.

In regard to the kind of ads that appear in magazines vs newspapers, there are some differences. Magazines, especially those with large circulations, tend to focus on corporate accounts; major corporations that produce products that are marketed to a specific consumer demographic. Newspapers, on the other hand, not only have advertisers that are much more diverse, but they also have a greater variety in the type of advertisements that they offer to those who wish to advertise in their publications.

Newspapers, like magazines, also have the major corporate accounts. These companies take out what are called “display ads;” these ads usually have artwork/pictures as well as “copy” or text. Another type of ad that is common in newspapers is “classified ads.” I think we’re all pretty familiar with classified ads for services and/or products; especially since this type of ad has migrated very successfully to the internet with sites like Craig’s List and others. Classified ads tend to have more “copy” than pictures and these ads aren’t very common in most magazines. Some magazines will reserve one page or perhaps two in the very back of the magazine dedicated to “junk ads,” as they are commonly called. Classified ads aren’t very lucrative for magazines and they are widely viewed as “cheapening the quality” of the magazine; hence they are put in the very back of the publication. In addition to display and classified ads, a lot of newspapers will also have a business directory section for advertisers where one will find many business card ads. It’s also worth stating that a lot of newspapers will have advertisement inserts or “blow ins;” postcard size to 8 1/2″ X 11″ promotional advertisement material like coupons, etc. While “blow ins’ are also possible in magazines, they tend to be less common and are usually more expensive.

Lastly, I would be remiss not to mention that it is also possible to have a magazine inserted into a newspaper! With that said, however, this option is only available in large circulation newspapers that have a significant page count. In addition, the magazine will have to have a low page count; usually 48 pages or fewer and most newspapers will impose a weight restriction and require a mandatory insertion minimum. However, inserting a magazine into a well established newspaper could be an effective way to increase overall advertising revenue by piggybacking off the circulation/readership of the newspaper.

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