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How can I write for Scholastic News? (the educational kid's magazine formerly known as Weekly Re

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Whether you desire to write for Scholastic News, Time magazine, O Magazine, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, or any other type of publication, it would behoove you to request at least two items from the magazine for which you intend to write.

First, request a copy of the magazine’s latest media kit. This has become fairly easy these days since most magazines keep a copy of their media kit readily available in a PDF which can be downloaded in a matter of seconds. The media kit, if it is done properly, will contain pertinent information related to the magazine’s readership; such as its demographic profile: median age, sex, race, individual income, etc, and, most importantly, an editorial calendar. The editorial calendar will provide a terse overview on all the sections and departments of the magazine and allow you to see in advance the subject matter that will be covered in future issues. This information will be most helpful in allowing you to tailor-make your article pitch to the magazine and present an article idea that will be relevant to the magazine’s readership.

The second item that you will need is the magazine’s submission guidelines. The submission guidelines, as its name suggests, are specific guidelines for would be freelance writers who desire to submit articles to the magazine. The submission guidelines will list all the sections, departments, columns, etc. where freelance writers can submit stories. In addition, the submission guidelines will specifically delineate the word count per section and/or department, for feature stories, lead stories, etc. It is also in the magazine submission guidelines that you will find the monetary compensation, if any, that the magazine offers for the type of articles that it publishes. Unlike media kits, the submission guidelines are not as ubiquitous on magazine websites. Some magazines will actually include the submission guidelines in their media kit or provide a section on their website specifically for article submissions. However, it is more common that you will have to contact the magazine to request that a copy of their submission guidelines be sent to your attention.

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