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Creating a good media kit is a little like preparing a good meal. The foundation of any great meal is invariably based upon its core ingredients as well as the culinary capabilities of the person preparing it. However, regardless of your level of culinary prowess, having the key ingredients is paramount and inextricably connected to the success of the final product.

New magazine publishers tend to be so enthralled with their new title that they often minimize or completely overlook their magazine's media kit. These publishers often don't recognize or understand the synergistic relationship that exists between the magazine and the media kit and the crucial role that the latter plays in the ultimate success of the former.

The media kit analysis consists of a thorough overview of your magazine's media kit to ascertain its overall effectiveness at advertising revenue procurement. A media kit that is optimized for advertising procurement contains all the key ingredients necessary for an advertising agency media buyer to make an informed media buy decision. The key word here is information and this is the area where many magazine media kits fail miserably!

Blade Media Kit

40% to 60% of all new magazine launches in the US are what are commonly referred to as “Mom and Pop” publications. These are small circulation magazines started by people who typically have very little or no experience at all in magazine publishing...

Arcadia News Media Kit

Here's a chance to get your media kit optimized so you can get the ad revenue you need to expand your brand! So, what's involved in the media kit analysis? Simply put, your magazine's media kit will be thoroughly analyzed to make sure it adheres to the industry standard in accordance to what advertising agencies look for in order to make media buys in magazine and newspaper publications. Whether your magazine targets local advertisers, national  or international ones, you can rest assured that it will be formatted correctly and contain all the essential elements and information that an ad agency needs to consider your magazine for an ad campaign.

Move It Magazine Media Kit

What will your magazine's media kit be analyzed for? The magazine media kit analysis includes a complete overview on your magazine's:

  • Ad Rates

  • Demographics

  • Circulation Analysis

  • Distribution Analysis

  • Editorial Calendar

  • Consumer Trends

  • Closing Dates

  • Mechanical Specs

  • Subscriber Surveys

  • Submission Guidelines

Investment News Media Kit

So, what does the media kit analysis cost? Well, in addition to all the aforementioned, the media kit analysis includes more than 40 PDF files related to magazine publishing, demographics, advertising and more for just:


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Settle Magazine Media Kit
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