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The following are some very interesting start up magazines on various topics. Many of these publishers have small to medium sized circulations and publish bimonthly or on a quarterly basis. Take this opportunity to click on the covers and visit their websites to learn more about them. If you are a magazine publisher and would like to submit your publication for consideration, email us with the title of your publication, a short bio of the magazine, website link and/or Facebook page, and a jpeg image (4” x 6” 300 dpi) of the cover. It will be added to the page within 48 hours of receipt. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.


Affluence Mag.jpg
Viva Mag.jpg
Virtual Reality World Tech mag.jpg
VAMP Mag.jpg
UNO mag.jpg
Motions mag.jpg
Tail mag.jpg
The Evolve Mag.jpg
Moves mag.jpg
MOD mag.jpg
Guap Mag.jpg
MentHer mag.jpg
In the Moment mag.jpg
grumpy mag.jpg
Euphoria Mag.jpg
Fenuxe Mag.jpg
Art Hive mag.jpg
DIY mag.jpg
SPARK mag.jpg
Diner Scope Mag.jpg
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