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The Magazine Cover Coating Brief
A complete overview on magazine cover
coats and tips to save money!
This title comes with more than 30 downloads in PDF on all aspects of magazine publishing and advertising for FREE!
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The Magazine Cover Coating Brief

We all know the expression: You never get a second chance to make a first impression! In addition to your magazine’s content, layout and cover art, you will more than likely want to consider using a cover coating to enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your publication. Although the cover coating process is at the tail end of the press, it is the coater after the last print station and the dryer system prior to the delivery pile that can determine the overall efficiency and productivity of an offset press. Cover coating is a very versatile process and can create a number of special effects. With that said, many variables must be considered when selecting the right cover coating for your publication; such as the overall look of the printed piece, distribution method, the shelf-life, etc.


As a magazine publisher your goal should be to strike a balance between a cover coating that is not only aesthetically appealing to the eye but also pragmatic in terms of its functionality and overall cost. Offset presses have a lot of capabilities, as roughly 90% have cover coating towers, and are able to utilize a growing range of press-applied coatings to meet the demands of magazine publishers. In short, the question is not whether or not to use a cover coating, but rather which type of coat to apply in order to achieve your desired results.

There are four major cover coatings that are principally used for magazines and The Magazine Cover Coating Brief goes into depth on all four coatings in addition to providing a complete overview on the offset press process so you can make an informed decision as to which cover coating will best suit your needs. Having this kind of background on magazine cover coatings will greatly assist you in dealing with an offset customer service representative and allow your magazine to leave a lasting first impression on your readers!

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