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The Magazine Sales Rep Directory Canada
A comprehensive listing of Canadian magazine sales representatives and more!
This title comes with more than 30 downloads in PDF on all aspects of magazine publishing and advertising for FREE!
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The Magazine Sales Rep Directory


Magazine sales representatives play a crucial role in the advertising and distribution of magazines, both in print and digital formats. They are responsible for promoting magazine subscriptions, building relationships with advertisers, and ensuring that magazines reach their target audience effectively.


Magazine sales representatives are a vital link between publishers and consumers, helping to generate revenue and maintain the sustainability of the magazine industry. They work closely with various stakeholders, including publishers, advertisers, retailers, and consumers, to ensure that magazines are available in a range of formats and at competitive prices.


The Magazine Sales Rep Directory (CAN) is not only a comprehensive listing of magazine sales reps throughout Canada, it, unlike the USA version, also contains listings of: 

  • magazine distributors

  • subscription fulfillment agencies

  • advertisement agencies

  • subscription auditors, copywriters

  • editorial providers

  • offset presses

  • digital magazine creators

  • magazine  consultants


This is just a partial listing as there is  a  lot  more information contained inside! In addition, there are some  30 extra reports in PDF covering all aspects of launching a magazine in Canada and the US. So, if you are a magazine publisher or an  aspiring one, The Magazine Sales Rep Directory Canada is a must have in order to maximize the success of your publication.

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