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You have an excellent idea for a new magazine. You're excited and are ready to make it happen! There's just one problem; your knowledge related to magazine publishing is very limited or, worse still, you have no knowledge or experience at all! However, you remain confident that your concept is worth pursuing and know it will be a success. What should you do?  Well the short answer is you should absolutely go for it! Not having a magazine publishing background should not be a rationale for not trying to bring your magazine concept to fruition. With that said, however, it should be rather obvious that you will need a lot help along the way and that's where consulting with someone who's knowledgeable about the process comes in.


No matter where you are in the magazine launch process, if you're not sure about the next steps to get your concept in print, Magshoestring can certainly help. Magshoestring often consults with startup magazine publishers nationwide on every aspect of publishing. If you have any questions in regard to:

  • magazine offset printing

  • magazine distribution and circulation

  • magazine cover coats

  • advertising procurement

  • magazine media kits

  • magazine barcodes

  • magazine sales reps

  • demographics

  • magazine layout software

  • magazine stock photos


or any other aspect of magazine publishing, feel free to contact us so we can map out a plan of action to help you realize your dream of launching your magazine! We also analyze media kits for their effectiveness at advertisement procurement. To learn more about the media kit analysis service click here. Magshoestring consulting rates are as follows:


             General Consulting: $70 per hour

             Media Kit Analysis: $60 flat fee


That's it! No hidden charges or additional fees. Magshoestring consulting rates are dirt cheap by industry standards. We remain cognizant of the fact that you're on a shoestring budget and try our earnest to provide the information you need at a price you can afford. Feel free to contact us at any time. We look forward to hearing from you.

40% to 60% of all new magazine launches in the US are what are commonly referred to as “Mom and Pop” publications. These are small circulation magazines started by people who typically have very little or no experience at all in magazine publishing...

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