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How to Start a Magazine

How many pages does a magazine usually have? How can I determine the ad rates for my magazine? What is the best way to get advertisers to advertise in my magazine? How much should I charge for my magazine? What type of printer should I use to print my magazine? 

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These are some very common questions that people who desire to start a magazine have in the planning phase of launching their publication. Unfortunately, there aren't a lot of resources that essentially explain the magazine launch process in a clear and comprehensive way.


Magshoestring is designed to be a repository of information for aspiring magazine publishers who want to launch their own magazine. The mission of Magshoestring is two-fold;


1) to provide pertinent and practical information on the most salient aspects of starting a magazine

2) to provide cost cutting strategies and tips to substantially reduce the overall amount of startup capital needed to launch a magazine in the US market.


Magshoestring is constantly adding more content, such as articles related to various aspects on magazine publishing, startup tips, etc. to add to the wealth of information already available. In addition, there will soon be courses available that provide instruction on the most salient aspects of starting a magazine like:


  •   Creating a top-notch magazine media kit

  •   Writing an offset printing quote that saves you money

  •   Understanding the differences in magazine cover

        coats and why your magazine should have one 

  •   How to create an effective advertising rate card

  •  The advantages and disadvantages of using a paid

        circulation vs free circulation for your magazine


And the list goes on! So, please take the opportunity to peruse this site to get all the information that’s applicable to your magazine launch plans. A good place to start is with the downloads below. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get into contact:



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Starting a magazine can be a very exhilarating and rewarding experience. The sense of accomplishment that comes with launching a new magazine, whether it be in digital format or in print, is practically unparalleled. Although many people have excellent ideas for a new magazine, the hurdle that proves to be the most difficult to overcome for most is finding pragmatic information on the launch process. This is precisely the mission of Magshoestring.

All of the downloads are in PDF format and require Adobe Reader (or a similar program) in order to properly view the information. These are instant downloads that are available immediately after purchasing. Each Magshoestring download comes with an additional **30 reports** in PDF on advertising, printing, consumer trends, demographics, etc. all for free!! Get all the information you need to start your magazine today! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us:

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